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iRestaurante solution is the perfect tool to help you increase profit. Get more money improving your staff workflow and efficiency. Keep in touch all time with customers when they need service. Your guest scan the QR code on the table and they are able to call waiter or ask for check. Also, by a simple touch on a tablet display, the kitchen staff call the waiter to get foods when are ready for delivery.


How works iRestaurante system?

CUSTOMER / Call waiter with your smartphone

Scan QR or NFC tag on the table

Scan the QR code or NFC tag on the table with your smartphone (Android or iOS) and will get access to waiter call control panel. SIMPLE ! You just need an internet connection through restaurant WiFi or your cell service provider. If you don’t have a QR code scanner app already installed in your phone, get it from here.

Call the waiter or ask for check

Call waiter or ask for check by  touching the desired button on control panel interface. No any special app required for quests smartphone, just QR scan reader. The waiter is a simple touch away when you need service. No more look around or wave hands.

KITCHEN / iResKitchen app for kitchen tablet

Kitchen staff call waiters as soon as the goods are ready for delivery using a tablet by a simple touch on the waiter’s name. It can be fixed on a wall with a tablet holder in an accessible place for staff.

WAITER / iResWaiter app for waiter smartphone

Calls initiated by customers or kitchen staff are retrieved by the iResWaiter app installed on the waiter’s smartphone or tablet in the bar/office. They are displayed in order of arrival indicating the location of the caller (Table 8, Table 3, Kitchen, etc), type of call (Call the Waiter or Bill) and the elapsed time for each call. Records can be deleted from the list by the waiter. It works on Android devices version 4.2 or later. Also, iResWaiter is able to send calls to Smart Watch or Smart Bracelet connected by bluetooh to the waiter’s smartphone.


The customer calls the waiter by his smartphone, thus shortening the waiting time. Also no more looking arpund and wave hands. Get free trial in order to see how it’s work in a demo restaurant.

1. Download iResWaiter app in waiter smartphone, then start app. Compatibility: Android 4.2 or later. Follow Google Play link or scan next QR code.

2. Scan below tables QR code tags with a smartphone or click on them. The waiter's phone will ring.

You will be connected to waiter call control panel in a demo restaurant. Touch desired button on interface and the call will be sent to waiter smartphone. Try now:

Sunbed 5
Table 1
Table 3
Table 7

3. To allow the kitchen staff to call the waiters, download the iResKitchen app on a tablet and call the waiter. Compatibility: Android 4.2 or later.

How does the customer call the waiter?

The customer simply scan the QR code or NFC tag on the table with his smartphone (Android or iOS) and will get access to waiter call control panel interface in order to call waiter or ask for check.

How can I get the QR code for my tables?

We shall send you by e-mail the requested QR image tags. You can print them and show on tables in any appropriate manner. You can also purchase our QR code holder, you can choose QR code tag, NFC tag or you can get booth on the same holder.

Is there any special app that has to be installed by the customer in order to call the waiter by using our solution?

No, it’s not. The customer smartphone can be any Android or iOS one.The guests simply need a QR code scanner app. This kind of apps are available for free download on Google Play or App Store. You have links on our site in “How it works” section. No dedicated app is needed in order to access the restaurant’s control pannel.

How kitchen staff call waiters?

Kitchen staff call waiters by a simple tablet touch. The waiters’ names are displayed by the iResKitchen app interface. The best approach is to install tablet on a wall in the kitchen, in a accessible place, using an appropriate holder, next to a power socket that supplies your tablet.

How the waiters get the customer calls?

Customers and kitchen staff calls are monitored at the bar on an Android operated tablet on wich iResWaiter app is running. They are also received by waiter’s smartphone using the same app. The call is received by ringtone and vibration, asper the user’s choise in app Settings menu. Calls are displayed in received order as a list and can be deleted by user.

Can waiter use a Smart Watch or Smart Bracelet in order to receive calls?

Yes. The iResWaiter app can send alarm to Smart Watch or Smart Bracelet connected by bluetooth with waiter smartphones. These devices has to be able to receive notification. The calls are displayed showing the calls initiators (Kitchen, Table 6, etc).

Can I delete call from the list once I met a customer request?

Yes, you can do it. Simply touch the delete icon associated to desired record.

Can I set my iResWaiter app to silence mode?

Yes, you can do it by accessing Settings menu. The smartphone will only vibrate when receiving calls from customer tables or kitchen.

Is iRestaurante solution working without WiFi in the restaurant?

Yes, the iRestaurante solution is working even there is no WiFi available on site. The needed internet connection for customers and waiters smartphones, or kitchen tablet, can be made through user cell service provider. Of course, our advice is to provide WiFi signal with internet connection on site in order to use the iRestaurante solution free of charge for your guests and waiters.

What kind of smartphone and tablet are suitable in order to install iResWaiter and iResKitchen app?

They can use any Android devices version 4.2 or later.

Can I use a large display tablet in kitchen ?

Of course, the Android tablet dimensions are at your choice, it can be a larger one to ensure better visual access to iResKitchen app interface.

Can I receive calls on multiple devices, for example in the office and bar desk?

Yes, you can install iResWaiter app on multiple devices in order to receive and display customers calls in different sections of your site.

Can I call waiters from different places in my restaurants?

Yes, you can install iResKitchen app on multiple devices, placed on different sections of your restaurant. In this way you will be able to call waiters whey they are needed for services in any place of your restaurants: kitchen, office, bar, etc.

I’m a restaurant owner, can I receive customers calls on my smartphone even if I’m not on site?

Yes, you simply need iResWaiter app running on your smartphone. Connection with iRestaurante solution will be provided by the available internet connection in your current location.


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